Consigned Artists

These artists are what make up The Peace Place. Meet the faces behind each small business and you can contact them directly below. We love what we do and hope you will too.

Elevated Mushrooms

Elevated Mushrooms is the culmination of two Colorado native fungi enthusiasts and outdoorsmen, Paul Bowerman and Jeremiah Michael, who have been both foraging and cultivating mushrooms inn Colorado for years. The two decided to take their hobby and love for nature to the next level and open Elevated Mushrooms in Englewood, Colorado.


On the Fence Kombucha

Jed and Lauren Wilson have been brewinng Kombucha for the past 2 1/2 years, and have found the most flavor forward brewing techniques available. They proudly brew and sell where they live, in Englewood Colorado.

on the fence kombucha logo

With The Trees

Hi there 🙂 my name is Wanda Valles. I am the founder and sole artist of With The Trees. I am inspired by everything in nature and my favorite art form is Pyrography (wood burning) and acrylic painting. I do a lot of custom work and love working with people to help bring their vision to life into an art piece. I currently live in Englewood, CO while I pursue my Master’s in Art Therapy for Mental Health.

Facebook: With The Trees
Instagram: @_withthetrees

Sacred Spiral Jewelry

Kristin Stark was born in Germany, grew up in Illinois and has lived in Colorado since 2013. She has always had a hippy soul since she was young, and loves seeing live music like String Cheese Incident and Widespread Panic. She has also been a musician herself since she was a young child. Making hemp jewelry has been a longtime hobby until 2018 when she started selling her jewelry to friends. In addition to the pieces you will find for sale in store and online, Kristin is happy to take custom orders. Any size, almost any color(s) and can also make basic hemp cord to fit elaborate hand blown glass pendants.

Katie Kolacny

Hi! I’m Katie Kolacny and I make the macrame necklaces! I started making them as a kind of therapy. It gave me something to be proud of myself for. The first pieces I made were gifts for my family and their reactions to them helped build my confidence. I then moved to Alaska for a while where I began collecting some amazing stones. When I returned to Colorado I tumbled them and made them into necklaces too! I’ve had so much fun I’m never going to stop! When I found Katie and The Peace Place I knew it was the perfect place to sell my work. I hope everyone enjoys them!! 
Keep adding rainbows to your life! There is no such thing as too much color!!
Facebook: Katie Kolacny

Fox Street Studio

Fox Street Studio Arts began in a detached garage in 2002 at our humble home on Fox St. There, I blended my life as a husband, father, student, and enterprising artist. Since then, I have worked in many capacities, from studio assistant to arts administrator, from studio arts teacher to studio artist. Through these transitions, I have held firm the mission to nurture creativity and to make art a part of everyday life for myself and those around me. Still today, Fox Street Studio strives to create objects that are beautiful to look at and are pleasing to use. As an artist, I believe it is my responsibility to learn not just from within my bubble but from the wisdom, ingenuity, and struggle of past generations of artists, as well as from contemporary makers and artists practicing today.


Hi. I’m Lisa. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to Sparkly and Delicious. I started out silversmithing years ago. My hands don’t work as fast as they used to so I’ve added some other silversmiths work to my collection and am adding their very prettiest pieces to a few of my own. I’m not a gemologist and don’t know a ton about gems and jewels. But I know what’s fun to wear and enjoy. I’ve collected these beauties in one place for you to shop and enjoy.
Facebook: Sparklyicious
Instagram: @Sparklyicious

Donna DeGroot 

I was lucky enough to have 30 years working in schools trying to make a difference in the lives of students.  The truth is that they made a difference for me. Now that I’m retired, I get to help Katie with her new adventure. I have always had a love of sewing, crochet, embroidery, jewelry making and am getting into weaving. I have made over 2,000 masks and have the opportunity to sew many items for Katie to tie dye. It is an honor to be a small part of her business and I encourage you to come and see what she has to offer. You will love what you see!

Joe DeGroot

I have been in the carpentry trade for 47 years. I love working with wood. Katie encouraged me to make some bird houses. I’ve made a few and hope that you like them. I will continue to support Katie in her new adventure.


Katie Morris

I’m kate, the artist behind poppycolorful. I’ve been painting on and off since graduating from art school back in ’07, mainly focusing on watercolors and ink. I went back to school in 2014 and received my MA in library and informationn science, with the goal of working as an elementary school librarian or art teacher. BUT that was put onn hold after having my second monster, and I was fortunate enough to quit my 9 to 5 job and stay at home with the kiddos. The time at home has finally given me the opportunity to really do this art thing. My current passions are floral portraits using pen and watercolor, and creating abstract functional art (I.e. mugs, plants pots, olive oil bottles) using alcohol inks. 

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