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“I love this store so much! All of the tie dye products are gorgeous and beautifully crafted (all hand made by the way). The owner is so nice and accommodating and the clothes and accessories she sells are so stylish and cool. As self proclaimed hippies, me and my boyfriend are huge fans of this store! Everything there is very good quality and very unique. Thank you Peace Addicts!! We love you!!”

Alyssa W.

“I had a white linen jacket that I didn’t wear very often because half the time I felt like I was wearing a lab coat, or I was worried about it getting too grimy in the cuffs and collar. While running errands in Englewood I saw the Peace Place, and decided to have the jacket died. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The jacket has instantly gone from my least liked to my favorite one.”

von Gimble Group

“Katie is the absolute best at what she does. The tie-dyes are seriously the most vibrant amazing colors and designs, you definitely can’t get anything that compares to her quality anywhere. She is also amazing at custom jobs. She’s done a lot of projects for us and even throw we know how amazing all her work is, she always surprises us with work that exceeds our expectations. If you haven’t visit her shop yet, get it on your list!!”

Tabitha R.

“Locally and female owned. Give yourself time to browse all the jewelry, handmade gifts, art, but mostly tie dye. Katie is warm and inviting, ask her about a specialty or custom gift or idea.”

Cnora L.

“I come here all the time to get tie dye it’s high quality with really cool and unique designs! the owner is super dooper nice and helpful. she also does custom designs and orders and can pretty much tie dye anything i HIGHLY recommend this place.”

Kevin D.

“This is my favorite new spot in Englewood! Katie and her amazing tie-dye have broy color back to my soul!! I wear at least one piece of clothing from The Peace Place every day! It’s become my newest addiction!


Kitt H.

“OMG I died and seriously went to tie-dye HEAVEN!!! Possibly the BEST selection of tie-dye clothing I’ve ever come across!! And Katie DeGroot couldn’t be any nicer! I went crazy buying Christmas presents for my grandkids and shirts for myself. I picked up a tie-dye face mask, and Katie is even making me a CUSTOM t-shirt!! As someone who drives a tie-dye Prius, you can take this review ‘to the bank’! WOW!! ✌”

Jim G.

“Great selection of hand-made tie dye, made by the nicest people in colorado.”

Shawn B.

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