Meet The Artist

Katie DeGroot

Hiya! I am Katie and I am the owner and artist of Peace Addict Tie Dyes. My work experience began quite different, in the corporate field as a financial analyst. While I was able to learn and grow from it, I just knew it wasn’t for me. So I made the decision to quit and moved to South Africa, where I volunteered at an educational park and was able to take care of baby lions.

I moved back to Colorado with a fresh outlook and took up tie dying as a hobby, a craft that I have always loved. I traveled around and sold my dyes at festivals, art shows, craft fairs, farmers’ markets and empty parking lots. In August of 2020, I created a business doing what I love and The Peace Place in Englewood was born. This is where I get to create and bring joy to so many people and spread peace with the world. 

I am so grateful to be on this magnificent and artistic journey. Thank you for your support, for believing in me and watching Peace Addict Tie Dyes grow!